You send them to school, this is what they end up doing. We will continue to expose them until their parents see it.

Jhs students are really doing the most nowadays and by the time they get to shs then everything condemns. They ain’t even scared that someone might be videoing them in the act and that it can affect them negatively in the future.

Naijaphobia Blog has sighted a video on jhs student ‘ch0p!ng’ themselves in a swimming pool. The swimming pool which is supposed to be used as cooling off heat from the body on sunny days, Is now where these young and old people now play their ‘maame ne paapa’.

In the video, the students recorded themselve Chopp!ng each other.

While their parents think they are in school learning little do they know their children were in a swimming pool ‘ch0p!ng’ themselves for everyone to see.

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